Universal Fixing Bolt



For Handle Bars with inner dia up to ca. 13 mm

Remove the adapter ring and insert the Universal-Bolt into the handle bar. Notice: In case the bolt may be removed without means of tools, it must be tightened as described below!!!

For Handle Bars with inner dia up to ca. 16 mm

Place the adapter ring on the Universal-Bolt and fit it on as described above. Insert the screw 5*80 mm into the Universal-Bolt. Tightening of the screw will spread the bolt, which will be secured within the handle bar.

 For Handle Bars with inner dia exceeding 16 mm

Place the adapter ring as shown above and afterwards put he hose of approx. 4 cm length on Universal-Bolt. Please make sure that the hose will cover the adapter ring also. Now please proceed as explained above (Item 2.).

Important Notice for Using electrical screw drivers: Do not apply too much force, which might damage the screw!!!

Bolt:  HD-PE
Hose:  EPDM
Screw: Thread – yellow chromated

RAL 7016, Anthracite Gray

Weight per Set:
ca. 45 g

Please refer to the Illustration