“Transform Waste into Wealth: Sustainable Solutions with FOGO Bin Lid” 

Biofilter Lid for kitchen and garden organics

Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) waste collection in households, and businesses without odour nuisance and vermin infestation – Fogo Bin Lid!

Increase the acceptance and quality of organic waste collection!

Our Products

-FOGO Bin Lid / FOGO Kitchen Caddy – Bin

bio-filter lid 120 litres

Bio-Filter Lid – small/medium

Size: 60/ 80 Litres, 120 litres


fogo bin - organic waste - lid 240 ltr

Bio-Filter  Lid – large

Size: 240 litres


bio-filtermaterial-120 litres

Bio-Filter – Filter Material


FOGO organic waste lid - universal fixing bolt

Bio-Filter – Universal Fixing Bolts


biofilter lid clip version

Bio-Filter Lid – Clip

Designed for a bin by bin exchange at every single organic waste collection cycle (i.e. restaurants, cafés,…).

FOGO kitchen caddy for organic waste collection

Kitchen Caddies

Sizes: 7 litres /10 litres,…,40 litres


How It Works

FOGO Bin Bio-Filter and FOGO Kitchen Pre-Sorter

Fogo bin with bio-filter lid. How it works!

The FOGO bin bio-filter system functions as follows

The bio-filter, crafted from coconut fiber—a natural substrate—hosts microorganisms similar to those in forest soil.

These tiny life forms spring into action, feeding on the unpleasant gases produced during fermentation. As they metabolize these gases, they transform them into odorless carbon dioxide and water.
The carbon dioxide harmlessly disperses into the air, while the water trickles back into the container.

Enzymes within this water further break down the waste, aiding its conversion into compost. This process also helps to dampen the spread of mold spores, offering relief to those with allergies.

This ingenious FOGO bin bio-filter system operates organically and naturally.

Use Case – FOGO Bin Bio-Filter Lid

Organic Waste – FOGO Kitchen Caddy Vented and With Bio-Filter

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