Smart Biz was founded in 2014 as the international sole distributor for Biologic GmbH, Germany products.

In 1988 Biologic, which was founded in 1966, transferred its activities to the field of biotechnology, with the emphasis on environmental protection.

When work in the new sphere of business began, the company was the sole European agent for the Japanese firms Nihon Milford and Sankai, whose products included microbial starter cultures and enzymes. Because of the company’s own developments, which were adapted to suit European requirements, this cooperation was ended after several years.

As early as in 1990, in cooperation with institutes of the University of Muenster, the first steps were taken towards the company’s present-day operations.

As the main activity at Biologic, biotechnical products and processes for environmental protection are developed to the point of technical readiness for the market, and suitable marketing concepts are created. After market acceptability has been proven, manufacture and sales are basically performed by specialist firms acting as licensed partners. From this point in time onwards, Biologic’s tasks consists of optimisation and further development. Close cooperation exists with universities, polytechnics and other scientific institutes.