• Reduction of fungus spores, which cannot constantly emerge from the bin
  • Robust and sturdy design in accordance with DIN EN 840
  • Perfectly fitting lid with an airtight double elastic seal
  • Prevents the escape of the gases that attract pests. Designed to stop vermin and pests getting inside the bin
  • Easy and quick fit on to all the common bin systems.
  • Easy to change filter pads
  • Changing of the filter material is really easy by just lifting the hood and emptying the remains into the bin
  • No maintenance cost during the filter material‘s lifetime
  • Scientifically tested
  • Changing to our lid system allows you to make significant savings on personnel and logistic costs even in summer as fortnightly collection intervals are possible.
  • Changing to our lid system is a sensible addition to the chip and identification systems on the market.
  • Changing to our lid system requires no maintenance over the 2 year lifetime of the filter material.
  • Changing to our lid system provides you with the peace of mind that our system is not only scientifically tested but tried and tested in towns and cities with outstanding consumer feedback.
  • Tried and tested

Universal bio-filter lid Specs:

Universal Bio-Filterlid for Wheelie Bins 240 l

For all usual container systems in accordance with DIN EN 840 in sizes 60/80 l und 120 l with universal bolts and universal suspension.

Universal-Bolts suitable for all usual container systems (separate data sheet).

According to DIN EN 840.

A perfect seal by means of double lip.

Lid and cap: brown or green; Special  colours on request.

Cap with bayonet lock and clamping bolts.
Reinforced grip moulds, sturdy design
Easy handling
3 compartments for bio-filter material

ca. 1.700 g


Active bio-filter material ‚System Biologic’

Natural substrate based on coconut fibres (Coir) and specially adapted micro- organisms.

Active enzymes and strains of the Bacillus subtilis Group, accordingly to the regulation B 006 classified as absolutely safe for man and nature.  Permanent controls guarantee a high  standard.

Water retaining buffers, pH stabilizers.

Shelf life:
Up to three years when stored and at temperatures under 40° C.

You need 3 filterpackets for a biofilter lid. The filtermaterial must be wetted, in order to activate the microorganisms and completely fill the chambers by maceration.

Life time:
After two years the filtermaterial must be changed.

1 Set (3 packets) dry: 105g
1 Set (3 Packets) wet: ca. 700g

Disposal of filtermaterial:
By the bio bin as organic waste.