Bio-filter material for organic waste bins with bio-filter lid and FOGO kitchen pre-sorter with odour filter! With microorganisms to combat unpleasant odours!

Fogo bin with bio-filter lid. How it works!

Bio-filter material for FOGO bin with bio-filter lid

Organic waste bins with a bio-filter lid are the ideal solution for the hygienic collection. With a maintenance-free service life of 2 years, the bio-filter in the bio-filter lids is the most sensible and sustainable method of filtering bad odours.

At a glance

  • Maintenance-free service life of at least 2 years
  • Microorganisms decompose the resulting fermentation gases and odours into carbon dioxide & water
  • Quick & uncomplicated filter change
  • Easy disposal in organic waste after 2 years
bio-filtermaterial-240 litres
fogo bin - organic waste - lid 240 ltr
bio-filtermaterial-120 litres
bio-filter lid 120 litres
bio-filtermaterial for kitchen caddy
organic waste kitchen caddy 5 litres with bio-filter insert

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